Types of Bus Passes

In pursuance of the policy of the State Government, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation is extending various types of free and concessional travel facilities to different sections of the society like – students, physically disabled, journalists, Members of Legislative Assembly, Members of Parliament and spouses of Members of Legislative Assembly from Telangana state etc. as per the orders and directives issued by the Government of Telangana from time to time.

The Bus Passes will be issued to satisfy the following conditions:

The students shall be studying on full time basis and should not have been employed, or in receipt of stipend, sponsorship/fellow-ship etc.

The Institution shall have sanction/approval/recognition of the State Govt. or Central Govt.

The courses offered in the Institution must have the approval of the University/Board of Education and the examinations be conducted by such Universities/Boards.

The following are the details of Bus Passes issued to various categories:

1. Student Free Bus Passes:

Students below 12 years Bus Pass (Academic year).

Girl Students Upto X Class and Below 18 years Bus Pass (Academic year).

2. Student Concessional Route Passes in Cities / Towns:

Student Quarterly Route Bus Pass (Quarterly).

Student General Bus Ticket (Monthly & Quarterly).

Student Greater Hyderabad Bus Pass (Monthly & Quarterly).

3. Districts: High School / College Student Bus Pass (Monthly & Quarterly).

4. Exclusive trips to special schools / colleges.

5. Physically Challenged Bus Pass (Annual).

6. Journalist Bus Pass (Annual).

District Bus Pass.

State Bus Pass.

7. MLAs, MPs and their Spouses / Ex. Bus pass.

8. Freedom Fighters Bus Pass (Annual).

9. Police Martyr’s Bus Pass (Annual).

10. Kidney Patient Bus Passes.

11. N.G.O’s Bus Passes.

General Bus Ticket – Ordinary.

General Bus Ticket – Metro Express.

General Bus Ticket – Metro Deluxe.

Special Privilege Bus Passes.

12. Bus Passes for general commuters - Cities

General Bus Ticket - Ordinary.

General Bus Ticket – Metro Express.

General Bus Ticket – Metro Deluxe.

Metro Luxury Bus Pass.

Pushpak AC Bus Pass

MMTS RTC Combo Ticket.