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[(Section 4(1)(b)(i)]

(CHAPTER - 2 )


  • To provide clean, comfortable, clock-work-like and courteous commuter service at an economic fare

  • To provide employee satisfaction in financial and humanistic terms.

  • To strive forwards financial self-reliance in regard to performance and growth.

  • To attain a position of reputation and respect in society.

2.2. DUTIES:

  • To provide efficient, effective, ethical management of the business.

  • To treat the customer i.e., passenger as a central concern of the Corporation's business and provide him the best possible service characterized by cleanliness, punctuality, safety, comfort and courtesy.

  • To explore and exploit technological, financial and developments to render the business cost effectively at all times.

  • To regularly and constantly improve the capabilities of employees for higher productivity, superior performance and career advancement through a planned process of counseling, training, placement and job enrichment.

  • To focus on the service conditions and welfare of the employees and their families consistent with their worth to the Corporation.

  • To fulfill its obligations to the State and Central Governments by optimizing return on investment and attaining financial self-reliance for its organization growth.

  • To emphasize environmental and community concerns in the form of reducing air and noise pollution. Improving ecology and aesthetics of the surroundings in which the Corporation is required to operate and generally contribute to the corrective weal of the community.

  • To consciously confirm to the policy, guidelines of the State in its business operations.

  • To reach a position of pre-eminence in bus transport Business and win respect and reputation in society through all round excellence in performance.